POGO Gala 2014

The 13th Annual POGO ( Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario) Gala took place this year at the Liberty Grand with a fabulous theme, Outer Space. The entire venue was transformed to look like a moonlit universe, displaying all of the planets and stars.

In fact, the signature drink of the night was called a “Blue Moon”, a delicious Hypnotiq blend that was the perfect way start to the evening off.

A fabulous band ( to which I failed to get their name) performed during the cocktail reception, keeping all of the guests mesmerized with the gripping sound of the singers voice. She was able to perform current pop songs and give them a sexy and soulful twist, keeping the mood elegant and light.

Soon after, a fabulous 3-course dinner was served to the many guests of the evening. This included a prosciutto anti-pasto salad, a chicken AND steak main course with yukon potatoes and seasonal veggies, and my personal fave, a pistachio/cranberry torte.

The evening continued with a fabulous live and silent auction, with all of the funds going to help the organization help children with cancer. The event was overall was extremely touching, as presentations were made about a young girl who passed away at 16 years old from a brain tumor and another of a little girl who was diagnosed with cancer at just 3-years-old. The little girl, Sara Jean, was treated by POGO and is now a healthy little girl, who danced the night away at the gala.

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