Finding Peace in Cancun


Over the years, Cancun has built up quite a reputation for itself as being one of the biggest party places in the world. Various videos on YouTube that have any association with spring break will often reference Cancun for it’s wild days and never ending nights.

So, naturally, when I talked to my friends about taking a vacation to Cancun, the assumption was always that I would be going wild night after night for a full week. Now, while I did end up having a few loose evenings, I can safely say that one can go to Cancun to simply relax and rejuvenate.

It all starts with choosing the right resort, as there are so many to pick from and that alone can be stressful and overwhelming. Does it have a nice beach? Is the food good? How will my service be?

These are some of the questions that most people ponder before making the final decision on where they will reside for the next week or two. I was no exception.

But I am pleased to say that I took a risk with a resort that I have never been to and had a pleasant experience from the moment I arrived to the very sad moment I left.

The RIU Palace Las Americas had me sold from the moment that I saw their amazing photo gallery. Although it’s a known fact that websites use professional pictures, I can assure you that the hired photographer had it really easy and most likely did minimal touch-ups to those gorgeous images. Both the resort and beach were a sight for sore and stressed out eyes.

Upon arrival to the gorgeous colonial style building, I was greeted by a very happy staff who reassured me that if there was anything I needed at any point in my stay, they would be sure to provide. They proved this many times during the week. More tequila? Coming right up!

Now, for anyone looking to visit the RIU Palace Las Americas, I would strongly recommend that you dish out a little extra cash and get an ocean view room. The stunning view of the turquoise Caribbean Sea had me waking up to pure serenity every morning. When the sunshine hits, you could spend hours looking at all of the different aquatic shades that the water turns. If you’re feeling a little romantic, request a room with a private Jacuzzi on the balcony.

The most accommodating thing about the resort is that you will never fall short of food, drinks, or a majestic view. My first 3 days were quite rainy, but the clouds couldn’t take away the beauty of the sea (which I would still witness from one the 2 infinity swimming pools and Jacuzzi provided.)

The sand is white and soft. There are many seats available along the beach, as well as hard working staff constantly making sure your drinks were refilled with water or whatever you wish. I must say, their signature drinks Blue Coral and Miami Vice are worth going back for. My days on the beach were long, but not hard. My only worry was the ice melting in my delicious beverage. Not much of a problem, really.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all superb. Whether you chose to make reservations at one their four restaurants (Mexican, Japanese, Italian or Steakhouse) or go the buffet, the food was guaranteed fresh and scrumptious. My personal favourite was the Italian restaurant where endless amounts of pizza and pasta were provided, as well as a main dish brought right to your table with your choice of wine. I strongly recommend the seafood pasta, if you are a seafood lover. It was the best shrimp I have ever had. Ever!

Another treat that the RIU Palace Las Americas offers is their Renova Spa, conveniently located within the resort. A simple call from your room can book you one of their many services. I was tempted to give it a try and received a Swedish massage right on the beach. Life didn’t get any better than that. The calming sound of the sea was all of the music I needed to relax.

It gets better. After I was done, I got to lounge at the private Jacuzzi to further relax my already loosened muscles. This was a definite highlight on my vacation and I would recommend it to everyone.

Overall, my experience at Riu Palace Las Americas was wonderful and relaxing. The staff were always smiling and ready to help you make your vacation a perfect 10. The beach could not be more beautiful, and the food made everyday feel like fine dining. I successfully returned from my vacation to Cancun sober, happy, and most of all, relaxed.