A Chat With A Top Model: Matthew Smith


When it comes to meeting a top model for the first time, one’s intuition might be that they might come off as snobby or somewhat fake. At least this was the case for me. Before I sat down to chat with America’s Next Top Model’s Matthew Smith, I just assumed that he would be another pretty face with not much to offer in a conversation. I was very wrong.

From the moment he walked in, he oozed confidence and strength in his walk. He’s also a lot taller in person, if you can believe that.

But above the tough exterior was a warm and inviting smile and the friendly giant pleasantly greeted me. I quickly came to realize that this was a man who enjoyed his life, and was not afraid to have some fun in this interview. He was real. He was uncensored and very relaxed.

We would have to start quickly, as a swarm of ladies were already lining up to ask for a picture from the man with a perfect 6-pack (I have the pictures to back up my statement.)

Carla: When did the modeling journey start for you?

Matt: About 5 years ago in L.A.

C: What made you want to get into modeling in the first place?

M: I haven’t decided if I want to get into modeling yet. I’ve kind of been stuck in it for 5 years without deciding.

C: Well, something must keep you coming back

M: I like money *laughs *

C: Fair enough! So, how did the opportunity with America’s Next Top Model fall into your lap?

M: I wouldn’t say it fell into my lap. There was a real struggle that I had to go through. It’s still very odd when people are staring at me from across the room. I mean, I’m a human being, but I often get looked at like I’m an alien or something. It’s very hard to have a normal conversation with people without it turning awkward really quickly…

C: Well, it’s only going to get bigger from here. Do you ever look into the future and think “Am I ever going to get a moment where someone won’t ask me for a picture again?”

M: Well that’s kind of a catch 22 because I don’t like the fame part of it, but if it’s not there, then I’ve failed. So, that just comes with the success of what I do.

I want do this for the long run, and if it doesn’t continue, then that will be upsetting. At the end of the day, it is a blessing.

C: Modeling is something that has long been dominated by females. Now, with the rise of fashionable men and menswear taking the spotlight, do you feel that it will ever reach the same level of success as it has for women?

M: There’s two sides to this. On the business side, a woman’s (modeling) career lasts less than half as long as a man. So, the men will get paid half as much as the women, even if it’s the same job.

But a male model’s career can go well into their 50’s.

By nature, women are just far more attractive than men to look at *laughs* Most people would rather pick up a magazine with a hot girl wearing nice clothes. So, I don’t think it will ever reach the same level.

C: Okay, so give me the dirt on Tyra Banks!

M: No matter what anyone’s view on her is, there is a certain level of respect that has to be given to her. She has created an empire. She’s famous for so many things but she’s a business woman.

From a personal point of view (on her personality) considering who she is, she’s extremely humble. She really cares and she’s a great mentor. And believe it or not, she’s actually even more beautiful in person, which is crazy.

I’ll admit, it can be intimidating being around her at times and frustrating being judged by her because she is so powerful that it can almost…hurt. Otherwise, I really can’t say anything bad about her at all.

Catch Matthew Smith as the new face of Montreal-based fashion brand KARV for their S/S 2015 Collection.

A special thanks to Karyzma Agency for providing the interview.


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