Art, Food, And Fashion Unite: Power Ball 2015


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Eccentric. Avant-garde. Bizarre. Spectacular. These are just some of the words that could describe the incredible event that was The Power Ball.

One of the most anticipated events of the summer, The Power Ball lived up to all of its hype with a sold out night at the Harbourfront Power Plant in Toronto.

The night began with a fabulous performance involving food. Lot’s of food.

The food performance was created by Renowned artist, Jennifer Rubell, who dubbed the first half of the evening ‘So Sorry‘, which was an interactive portion of the evening in which guests were essentially part of the performance. They were even involved in food fights instigated by some of the other artists, who playfully threw around some of the food from the upper level to unsuspecting guests. What did the well-dressed attendees do in this situation? Playfully threw the food right back to artists and other guests.

The theme of the evening was ‘Appetite For Excess‘ which could not be more fitting for an evening filled with all things food. Sponsors of the delicious eats included Bar Isabel, Sam James Coffee Bar, and The Tempered Room.


The food and decor became one that night, with an array of octopus acting as a chandelier, oversized loafs of bread hanging from the ceiling, and roasted potatoes stuffed within cabinets of the wall. And yes, this was all edible.

The bar was as nontraditional as the dinner, with bartenders sitting in front of the stage as if to be audience members of a play. The concept was unique and wildly entertaining.

The dinner was followed by a stylish and happening after party which occupied all rooms of the Power Plant with different themes and music to keep guests entertained with a new mood for each room, and if you can believe, even more food.

The Power Ball was a massive success and will certainly continue to be marked as a staple for the city of Toronto.

All photography courtesy of: Carla Hernandez – Twitter: @Carla_GisselleH