Sydney Blu Releases ‘Relentless’ At Thompson Hotel


The release party for acclaimed DJ/Producer Sydney Blu’s latest album “Relentless”, was held at the breathtaking Thompson Hotel’s Pool Bar, which is located on Toronto’s bustling waterfront. The air was electric in the venue as media and fans were treated to an exclusive first listen, which included her mind blowing tech house spin on Massive Attack’s “Teardrops”.

 Hailing from Toronto, Sydney had her eyes set on the Thompson Hotel’s Pool Bar for this event. Despite her global presence, Sydney has always held her hometown close to her heart, even taking up residency

 “Relentless”, a project which has spanned over two years, is set for release on July 27th 2015. The album marks a return to her roots of techno, house, and trance after spending some time in the States following the commercial explosion of the EDM industry.

With plans already made for a album tour, she will definitely be holding a show in Toronto. Sydney guarantees a return to the underground in her new show which will be featuring the tracks from the album.

Luckily, Sydney has already made the album available for anyone to preview on Soundcloud. (

Post and photography courtesy of: Andrew Hamilton