Memory Ball 2016

If you weren’t present at this year’s Memory Ball, then you certainly missed out on one of the biggest parties of the spring. The Young Leaders Council of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto put together another fabulous event at the Palais Royale.

Performers included long­time Memory Ball supporters Sax 4th Avenue, and some new talent, DJ Alex Tribe and DJ Guillaume Viau. Guests were treated to live watercolour portraits by artist Beckie di Leo, snaps in an animated GIF photo booth from
#BLKBX, a midnight potato bar and Burrito Boyz burritos to enjoy on the way home. Guests also enjoyed Absolut Elyx vodka and herring from Feature Foods’ customized bar.


In addition to the entertainment at the event, Memory Ball’s main goal is to increase
awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and the plight faced by young caregivers. Memory Ball co­-founder, Kathryn Fudurich, showed a video she created of three Alzheimer’s caregivers reading a letter they wrote to their parents with early­onset Alzheimer’s. The video elicited many emotions from the crowd. Afterwards, teary­-eyed AST CEO Cathy Barrick made a rousing speech. 


Not mincing words, she told the audience that “[they] are going to kick
Alzheimer’s ass,” to cheers from the crowd. Throughout the evening, guests could pause at the ‘Wall of Memories’ which was filled with pre­-submitted photos of loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia’s, further anchoring the event’s purpose.

In its fifth year, Memory Ball has raised a total of $115,000, for a grand total of $310,000 over the past five years. This year marks the most raised by Memory Ball in a single year. These funds will be used to increase public awareness of dementia, to promote research  and to advocate for services that respect the dignity of the individual. Direct beneficiaries include people with dementia, their families and caregivers.