Baton Rouge Grand Opening

Baton Rouge re-launched it’s Winston Churchill location with a bang. Media and VIP guests were invited to an exclusive preview and tasting of their signature cocktails and menu.

Their menu features bold flavours, including their famous pork back ribs and the finest AAA and certified Angus Beef steaks, which are hand-selected for superior marbeling, aged for optimal tenderness and seasoned with a unique spice blend.

Baton Rouge is named after the red glowing wooden logs that were used to fire up the original ovens when the first location opened it’s doors in Montreal circa 1992.

All meals are cooked from scratch using the best ingredients. This level of attention to detail allows Baton Rouge to proudly serve unparalleled quality that is unmatched in the food industry.

Signature offerings are complemented with craveable appetizers, crisp salads, burgers & sandwiches, seasonal vegetables, premium seafood and decadent desserts.

The newly opened and renovated Baton Rouge restaurants aim to strike a balance between comfortable seating and a vibrant bar area. The sound system and curated music punctuate the ambience with casual elegance.

The modern light fixtures scattered throughout the different sections complement the vapour fireplace, setting the mood to reflect the time of day.

The new direction of design represents a modern yet timeless concept, tailor-made to adequately reflect the future of Baton Rouge.