Come Up To My Room: A Gladstone Hotel Event

Our relationship with the world, and with those around us, is informed and affected by geopolitics, media, and our digital social interactions.Ideas, knowledge, and culture filtered and expressed through these exchanges evolve once transmitted and transferred from one place to another.


Through this act of transplantation, art, media, and culture converge, diverge and reemerge into the new and unique collective entities. But will these new ideas, concepts and experiences be disruptive or will they acquiesce to their new environment.

Through our dealings with the fast evolving environment surrounding us, we are left working to define our place in the chaos. The physical and conceptual act of transplantation is a phenomenon to be explored by designers and artists.



In ‘Come Up To My Room’ 2017, curators Jana Macalik and Christophe Jivraj bring together projects that consider ideas and concepts that collide with objects and spaces, resulting in the physical manifestation of unique interpretations of the notion of transplantation.


The 14th installation of ‘Come Up To My Room’ took place from January 19th to 27th. The exhibition featured work by Canadian and international individuals, collectives, and multi-disciplinary teams.


Come Up To My Room (CUTMR) was conceived in 2004 by Christina Zeidler and Pamela Matharu as a vehicle for experimentation and interaction within the fields of art and design. Acting as a counterpoint to the Interior Design Show (IDS) and giving rise to the more recent Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TODO), CUTMR has since become a cornerstone of the Toronto alternative design scene.


Over the years, CUTMR has featured the work of hundreds of artists and designers from Canada and abroad, and continuously challenges participants to push their everyday practice by offering a blank canvas upon which to explore new themes and ways of working.

Photography courtesy of : Nina Teixeira